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Past Events

In this section you will find information about our previous events and details of those musicians we have had the privilege to welcome to Cavendish Hall, dating back to the first concert of the society on Wednesday October 2nd 1968.

To see the details of our previous season’s concerts simply click on the corresponding buttons, opposite, which will take you to a new page where all the respective concerts will be listed.

Chairman                                                   Secretary
1968-71   Rt. Rev. L.S. Hunter           1968-70  Joy Neal
1971-88   Hugo Read                            1970-79  Mavis Tinker
1988-92  Graham Foster                    1979-89  Graham Foster
1992-96  Charles Park                         1989-02  Ernest Grossman
1996-98  David Tinsley                       2002-10  Alan Feinstein
1998-01   John Stephenson              2010-12   Elisabeth Muller
2001-04  Diana Walters                      2012-14   Chris Eiser
2004-07 Jennie Ball                             2014-17    Ian Webster
2007-10  Charles Richardson          2017-18   Jennie Ball
2010-13   Robert Wright                     2018-        Adam Rae-Smith
2013-16   Chris Spencer
2016-19   John Foster
2019-23  Jennie Ball
2023-       John Foster